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Forthcoming WFK shows as well as reviews of some of the most memorable gigs we've played.

WFK Supporting Space at The Horn, St.Albans, 22-10-15

WFK supporting Space

We were humbled to be asked to support 90s Britpop sensation Space when their UK tour stopped off at our local venue. A half-hour set to a packed out auditorium, we were in our element pelting out our noisiest tracks to such a great reception. Space were thoroughly good blokes, their audience seemed to lap up what we had to offer and the crowd participation in finale 'Nutter' was a highlight for us.

See the photos by Rebel Crow Photography, here.

M Festival 2015, 11-7-15

WFK performing at the M Festival

This show was, in fact, the reason that WFK came out of 'retirement', dusted off our repertoir and started rehearsing like mad. If we needed an excuse, being asked to appear again, for the 3rd time, at this great local festival was definitely it. And so six months after being invited, we were there again with a great enthusiastic audience moshing in the sun-set to old WFK favourites such as Call Me Stupid and Nutter, as well as new song Manflu and rarely-played-live thrasher Apocalyptic Zombie Meltdown! (We thought it might go down well in the moshpit, and we weren't disappointed!) Closing with the extended jam of Friends With Benefits, this show was everything we hoped it would be. Huge thanks to the organisers for inviting us back, and we hope to be there again one day. Lots of photos on our Facebook page.

Halloween Smackdown, The Horn, St. Albans, 27-10-12

WFK halloween smackdown gig

"The angels of evil arise from the grave and they're looking for fun." And so it was when Katherine took to the stage in full horror regalia for the live version of what was started with 2011's "Halloween EP." After a storming set from our favourite band-friends Colvex, the eerie, disturbing tones of the intro tape beckoned the grisly WFK four into the stage. From opener Apocalyptic Zombie Meltdown to closer Nutter, there was no let up in the pace, save for the slow and brooding "Looks Like Death" mid set, with not a cover in sight. And when brand new, specially written song "Here Comes The Bride" was unleashed, Andy donned a blood splattered wedding dress to deliver the ghastly vocals in character!

We were delighted to be joined by former member Steve for our finale,

jamming along on guitar to a song he wrote, Nutter! By the end, the stage

was splattered in fake blood, sweat, and the dying petals of the bride's

bouquet. And then we returned to our graves...


Forthcoming Gigs

No gigs planned at the moment.

Full Gig History

15th March 2018, The Farmer's Boy, St. Albans. Album launch charity gig.
27th November 2017, The Horns, Watford, with Colvex.
4th October 2017, The Horn, St. Albans.
19th June 2017, The Horns, Watford.
25th May 2017, The Farmer's Boy, St. Albans.
20th March 2017, The Horns, Watford.
4th November 2016, The Farmer's Boy, St. Albans.
29th October 2016, Trestle Arts Base, Halloween Spectacular, St. Albans.
24th October 2016, The Horns, Watford.

3rd June 2016, The Farmer's Boy, St. Albans.
5th February 2016, The Farmer's Boy, St. Albans
2nd January 2016, The Horn, St. Albans.
28th November 2915, The Horn, St. Albans
22nd October 2015, The Horn, St.Albans, supporting Space.
19th October 2015, The Horns, Watford.

25th September 2015, The Farmer's Boy, St. Albans.

28th August 2015, The White Horse, London Colney.

11th July 2015, M Festival, Marlborough School, St. Albans.

15th June 2015, The Horns, Watford.

16th March 2013, Music City Unsigned 2, Alban Arena, St. Albans.

29th December 2012, The Farmer's Boy, St. Albans.

27th October 2012, Halloween Smackdown, The Horn, St. Albans.

7th October 2012 - St. Albans Food and Drink festival Finale.

15th September 2012 - The Farmer's Boy, St. Albans.

7th July 2012 - M Festival Headliners, Marlborough School, St. Albans.

5th June 2012 - Jubilee Party, Streatley, Bedfordshire.

17th March 2012 - Music City Unsigned, Alban Arena, St. Albans.

21st January 2012 - Charity Gig for Winston's Wish, Fleetville School, St. Albans.

17th December 2011 - The Horn, St. Albans, Xmas Party show.

26th November 2011 - Private function.

31st July 2011 - Music in the Parks, Harpenden.

22nd July 2011 - The Horn, St. Albans, Headlining show.

16th July 2011 - M Festival, Marlborough School, St. Albans.

2nd July 2011 - Watling View School, charity event.

7th May 2011 - Fuel Burners' Bike Show, London Colney.

9th April 2011 - The Horn, St. Albans, supporting the Fu Fighters.

12th March 2011 - Nambucca London, with Furs and Masks (and others.)

5th March 2011 - Bedford Esquires, supporting Rubylux.

5th February 2011 - The Horn, St. Albans, Headlining "BOTB Winners" show.

17th January 2011 - The Horns, Watford, with Colvex.

16th December 2010 - The Horn, BOTB final.

6th December 2010 - The Horns, Watford, with Eaten By Your Lover.

13th November 2010 - Watling View School, charity event.

14th October 2010 - The Horn St. Albans, BOTB Semi Finals.

25th September 2010 - Our singer Andy's 40th birthday bash!

30th September 2010 - The Horn St. Albans, With Colvex and 4 Wheel Drive.

24th August 2010 - The Horn St. Albans, BOTB heat one.

17th July 2010 - 'Winston's Wish' Charity event, St. Albans.

3rd July 2010 - Watling View School, debut "dress rehearsal" gig.

The Alban Arena, Music City Unsigned, 17th March 2012

WFK at the alban arena

Saturday saw Waiting For Katherine’s hotly anticipated headlining show at the Alban Arena, the deserved reward for notching up yet another triumph in the local Music City Unsigned online band competition — the prize being the enviable opportunity to take the same stage as numerous former greats including Ocean Colour Scene, the Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Motörhead (more on that later…)!

Undoubtedly the biggest gig of their career so far, and arguably the culmination of two years hard work writing, recording and performing, the word was well and truly out on the street so hundreds of the growing legions of WFK fans descended upon the venue to show their support for a band with a well earned reputation as a truly great live act, excited by the promise of a few surprises thrown into the bargain!

What’s more, the gig was of even greater significance with the return of original bassman Steve to the lineup meaning that in one sense the band had now come full circle from their humble beginnings at The Horn to Saturday night arena headliners.

With my own band Colvex having shared the bill with WFK on several occasions over the past couple of years and now being a self-confessed fan (!), I could say that it’s been a pleasure to watch the guys grow in confidence, but the truth is WFK has been always been a band with a swagger, blessed as they are with a fret shredding lead guitarist of Chris’ calibre, a rhythm section tighter than a gnat’s arse (including mind bending southpaw drummer Andy Wilkins) and, in Andy Woolford, truly one of the most entertaining frontmen for miles around. But, more importantly, at their disposal is an arsenal of infectious and sometimes infuriatingly memorable original power pop songs.

So it should be no surprise that the band found themselves on Saturday commanding the stage from the off. Following excellent supporting sets from Tranquil Fury and Rae Kelly, the tension grew before WFK finally walked on at 9.15pm to loud cheering and duly hit the ground running, any pre-show nerves quickly dispensed with as the band kicked off with the opening salvo from last year’s Hallowe’en EP, ‘I Created A Monster’ — Chris’ power riffage seemingly catching the sound man momentarily off-guard as the guitars threatened to drown out everything else!

But this was to be the only tiny glitch in an otherwise flawless performance — the sound was quickly balanced and the band ploughed on with hit after hit including the frenetic ‘Lying About My Age’, the quirky and catchy ‘Creepy’ (this writer’s personal fave), the poignant and reflective ‘Knockback Of The Century’ and a blistering rendition of ‘Call Me Stupid’. It might have been after the watershed but ‘Electric Boyfriend’ had the kids in the crowd asking their parents some awkward questions before the band broke out the big guns, first with the call and response frenzy of ‘My Mate Fancies You’.

Then Andy, who had been goading the larger members of the crowd all night (yours truly included) to get down the front to catch him, finally got his wish to stage dive as the band lifted the roof off with probably their best loved rocker, the Spinal Tap sized ‘Nutter’ — WFK’s frontman not missing his chance to meet his public up close and personal as, during the mammoth mid section, with a true leap of faith he flung himself headlong into the crowd bringing the show to a cacophonous climax!

But it didn’t stop there. With one final card to play, Chris took the mic and announced that one of the first gigs he ever saw with Steve many moons ago was right here — and the headliner that night was the mighty Motörhead, officially at one stage the loudest band on the planet. So, with a due sense of duty, the band unveiled their final number and big surprise of the night, a truly rocking rendition of the ‘Head’s best known hit, the one and only ‘Ace Of Spades’ — a fitting and fantastic finale (even if “We only learnt it on Thursday” as Andy Wilkins complained to me afterwards)!

And so the curtain came down on a truly triumphant gig and WFK left the stage to riotous applause from a giddy and grinning crowd. But, with the promise of summer shows in the pipeline, we can rest assured that there will be more to come from a group who can now honestly call themselves an arena band. Who knows, maybe Katherine might even show up next time?

Thanks to Gav Richardson from Colvex for this review.