V     i     d     e     o     s

Old and new, on this page you'll find a selection of YouTube videos spanning our career. Mainly live performances, this will give you a little taste of what WFK is all about. More videos can be found on Youtube, here.


Filmed at our set at the 2015 M Festival, these are edited highlights from a great evening. Tracks include Manflu, The Whole of You and Nutter.

A throwback to early days, this is a break-neck speed version of one of our live favourites Call Me Stupid, from The Horn in St. Albans, 2010.


One of the biggest nights in our career to date, this is from 2012 when we headlined the Alban Arena as one of the Music City Unsigned competitions winners.

The song that started it all - My Mate Fancies You! The video was made in 2009.